This is Not a Housing Bubble

4 Simple Graphs Showing Why This Is Not a Housing Bubble A recent survey revealed that many consumers believe there’s a housing bubble beginning to form. That feeling is understandable, as year-over-year home price appreciation is still in the double digits. However, this market is very different than it was during the housing crash 15 years ago. … Continued

Why is housing inventory so low? Real Estate Inventory

Charlotte: Why is housing inventory so low? Why does there continue to be a housing shortage? This is a key question that has been on the top of minds of home buyers since mid 2020. This continues to be a problem for buyers, but why? Hi, I’m Charlotte and I am a local realtor here…

Thurston County January Market Report

Charlotte: What’s going on in the market in Thurston County? Thurston County, single family homes appreciated 20% from December 2020 to December 2021. Say what? That means that you gain about 20% in equity on your property, in one year. Want to find out more on what the market is doing? Well stay tuned in…

3 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Real Estate Agent in Olympia

Whether you’re buying or selling real estate, you probably intend to work with an agent. And you also know that you need to interview potential agents before you enter into this business relationship. The difficulty here lies in knowing just what you need to find out about prospective agents and what questions to ask to … Continued

5 Common Misconceptions About Real Estate Agents in Olympia

Real estate agents do next to nothing and just collect those big commissions, right? Well, no, that’s pretty far from the truth. But it’s what a lot of people think and is a good illustration of the misconceptions that abound about real estate agents. The fact of the matter is that agents do a ton … Continued