Preparing To List Your Home For Sale


Whether or not you’re a sports fan or not, you have probably realized that there is a lot of training behind the scenes prior to any games.

Anytime there is a season of sports, there’s so much buzz and excitement as the games begin, but the truth is none of it would be possible if the coaches and players hadn’t spent the last year preparing behind the scenes.

The same is true when selling your home. Sure, finally seeing your listing go live and having a flurry of showings is awesome, but you don’t get there without first doing some prep work.

There are three big things to work on when preparing your listing, but I’m only talking about 2 today. (You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for number 3!)

First, we have a pyramid showing what it looks like to price it slightly above the market value vs right at the market value or slightly below.

The higher you go, the smaller the pool of interested buyers becomes because you’re not going to reach as many…which means you’re decreasing the amount of demand that can ultimately drive that price up with competitive offers.

Pricing correctly from the beginning is SO IMPORTANT!

Second, there are papers to gather! Here is a list of documents your broker will likely need when listing your home.

I’ll continue sharing more about selling throughout the week, but if you haven’t yet, grab a copy of my free guide, The Ultimate Home Seller Guide! It’s packed full of great info! Click here!!!

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