7 Quick & Affordable Tips to Boost Your Homes Value

Are you looking to sell your home and want to know how to increase your home’s value quickly? Well, then you’re in the right place. Today, I’m going to share with you some fantastic budget friendly and quick home improvement ideas that will help you increase your home’s value. Hi, I’m Charlotte. You’re Thurston County … Continued

December 2023 Market Udate

How did 2023 end for the real estate market here in Thurston County? Let’s go over the December real estate market update for Thurston County. I think we continue to see conflicting news stories that are designed to get us to click so that they can make money. But that’s not necessarily what’s happening. So … Continued

Jubilee at Hawks Prairie

Jubilee at Hawks Prairie Are you an active adult looking for a community with amazing amenities? Then read on and check out Jubilee at Hawks Prairie. Jubilee is an active 55 plus adult community that is located in Hawks Prairie, Lacy Washington. This community really is an amazing community and has a lot of really … Continued

Decluttering to List

THIS CAN MAKE OR BREAK A SALE! Decluttering your home NOW will not only make listing your home later easier for you, it will also make your home easier to tidy and maintain today! I walk buyers through homes every week and I’ve noticed a pattern: when we walk into homes that are clutter free … Continued

March 2023 Market Report

March 2023 Market Report Want a real estate market update? Let’s go over the March real estate market update for Thurston County. Hi, I’m Charlotte, your Thurston County real estate broker. The monthly data that I cover is for residential single family homes. The first thing we cover is the price, both media and sales … Continued

Preparing To List Your Home For Sale

EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT PREPARING TO LIST YOUR HOME FOR SALE Whether or not you’re a sports fan or not, you have probably realized that there is a lot of training behind the scenes prior to any games. Anytime there is a season of sports, there’s so much buzz and excitement as … Continued

Avoid Foreclosure

Even though experts agree there's no chance of a large scale foreclosure crisis, there are a number of homeowners who may be coming face-to-face with foreclosure as a possibility. And while the overall percentage of homeowners at risk is decreasing with time, that's little comfort to those individuals who are facing challenges today. If you … Continued