Decluttering to List


Decluttering your home NOW will not only make listing your home later easier for you, it will also make your home easier to tidy and maintain today!

I walk buyers through homes every week and I’ve noticed a pattern: when we walk into homes that are clutter free and staged well, client’s get excited and picture themselves living there (even if it’s not the neighborhood they had been eyeing or the floor plan they were hoping for).

And when we walk into homes that are cluttered, they feel like they’re snooping around someone else’s home and they walk through the home much faster because they don’t feel like it could be theirs.

Clutter can make or break a sale. So what can you do about it?

Well first, let’s define clutter. Clutter is more than just stacks of paper or the random things that sit on your counters. Clutter is anything that makes your home feel untidy or too full.

Decluttering is key to showing your home in the best possible light. It can mean donating things you don’t need anymore, but when preparing to sell, it can simply mean pre-packing. Either way, start making more room in your home for future buyers to feel more potential…or just make keeping your home tidy easier for you!

Below is a list of things to declutter today, and click here if you’d like my Home Organization Bonus Guide!

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