Whether you are looking to prep your home to sell or you just want to live more comfortably this guide will get you there!

The guide that gives you information on:

  • 3 Game Changing Spaces to Organize First
  • Jumpstart Your “Home Refreshment”
  • 28 Things to Declutter Today
  • Shop Home Refreshment’s Container Store Favorites

Here’s What This Guide Will Do For You…

If you are decluttering to live more comfortably, it will also make a huge impact. It will help you LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE. Clutter can be overwhelming to your senses. Decluttering can help you live in a more peaceful environment.

If you are decluttering in preparation to sell, it will help you make a huge impact. Buyer’s decide in 8 seconds if they like the home. Your home only gets one first impression, so make it count!

You want to get the most money possible for your home.  This guide will give you the starter kit to getting your home decluttered.  You have 8 seconds, one first impression. Use the guide to get started.  You can get MORE money out of your house with some very simple changes! 

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